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Nickel plating

Nickel plating is a surface deposit that changes the technical characteristics of the materials machined. It can modify their hardness and resistance to external agents.

We perform functional electrolytic nickel plating, also known as thickness nickel plating, in our factory, which allows a significant increase in the wear and corrosion resistance of parts. Nickel plating, with a hardness range 200÷400 HV, is a valid approach to protect the coated part from wear abrasion. In addition, nickel coating, due to high electrochemical potential of nickel metal, increase the corrosion resistance also in very harsh environment. We are capable to deposit coating thickness in a broad range, 0.002 mm to 10 mm.

In addition to nickel metal deposits, nickel co-deposits are increasingly used. These can further enhance specific mechanical properties, depending on the type of co-deposit that is used. Nickel co-deposits are used to improve and amplify certain treatment properties and are a viable alternative to chrome in specific applications.

Depending on the geometry of the part, the maximum technical characteristics that can be nickel-plated are:

  • Diameter: 630 mm or width x thickness: 1500 mm x 600 mm;
  • Length: 5000 mm;
  • Mass: 10,000 kg.

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Examples of nickel plating

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