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Metal grinding

Metal grinding comprises all abrasive machining carried out with a grinder. When coated with an abrasive material, this removes a moderate amount of material from the surface of the product being treated.

Metal grinding is a type of machining that aims to create a smooth surface free from flaws that would make the part uneven in height. Abrasion removes excess material from the surface.

Grinding allows for precise dimensions and surface roughness in both the finishing stage and in the preparation stage for further machining.

The technology used by Benoni allows for a precision of less than 0.01 mm on average. The maximum dimensions compatible with this type of machining are:

  • Diameter between 5 and 1100 mm;
  • Length of 7000 mm;
  • Mass of 4000-6000 kg depending on the geometry of the part.

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Examples of metal grinding

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Polishing and honing

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