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Metal polishing and honing

Metal polishing and honing are two forms of machining which are used to prepare materials for electrolytic coating and/or to finish them after machining. Extremely low roughness coefficients, as well as homogeneous and imperfection-free surfaces, can be achieved through both of these activities.

For metal polishing, Benoni works with parts with a maximum width of 1200 mm and length of 5000 mm.

We carry out two types of honing:

  • Internal honing: we are able to work with products with an internal diameter of between 50 mm and 850 mm and a maximum length of 6000 mm;
  • External honing: we work with products with a diameter of between 40 mm and 350 mm and a maximum length of 7000 mm.

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Examples of metal polishing

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Workable metals

Benoni can work with a wide range of materials and products.