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Chrome plating

Chrome plating is the industrial process of coating a metal piece with a layer of chrome. Benoni performs functional chrome plating, also known as hard chrome plating.

Chrome plating metals aims to improve resistance to wear and corrosion in treated products. Wear is prevented by depositing chrome with a hardness of 850÷1000 HV and an elastic modulus of about 15,000 kg/mm². The higher electrochemical potential of metallic chrome compared to the base material is exploited to improve corrosion resistance. The thickness target is between 0.002 mm and 1 mm.

Benoni provides tailored chrome plating services. We are able to treat parts and products with different technical characteristics and dimensions:

  • Maximum diameter: 1200 mm;
  • Maximum length: 7500 mm;
  • Maximum mass: 10,000 kg.

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Examples of chrome plating

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