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Plating and machining

Functional metal coatings in compliance with high quality standards

Plating and machining consists of electrochemical processes that deposit a fine layer of metal or alloy onto a metal object through electrodeposition. Electroplating aims to modify the technical and aesthetic level of the surface of treated products. Galvanic treatments are widespread and performed to prevent the natural deterioration of products and metals.

Present in industrial sector for more than a century, electroplating consists in consequential operations carried out in aqueous solution with dissolved metal ions, conducted at temperatures of around 50-65°C and with the aid of a continuous electric current.

Benoni performs functional electrodeposition and electrolytic coatings to improve various aspects of the characteristics of a product, such as:

  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Hardness;
  • Mechanical properties;
  • Reological characteristics.

Materials treated with plating and machining at Benoni

We carry out metal coating on different types of metals and alloys to ensure the best possible service.

Application areas of galvanic treatment

The flexibility of plating and machining makes treatments ideal for several fields of application.

  1. Metallurgical industry

    Coating of casting plates, crystallisers and rollers.

  2. Hydraulics and pneumatics industry

    Electroplating of rods and cylinders used in numerous industries including oil and gas, automotive, textiles, paper and construction equipment.

  3. Chemical industry

    Treatment of rollers, cylinders and nozzles for the production and transformation of malleable materials.

  4. Food industry

    Plating and machining of cylinders and containers for machining and storage.

  5. Dimensional recovery

    Reconditioning of mechanical parts, gating systems and rollers for various uses.

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