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Nickel mould plating
NICKEL - Moulds in plates
A buttonhole flower of our technologies is the plant for nickel electrolytic deposition and nickel co-deposit. We make nickel plating with a thickness of 7 mm maximum, mainly on ingot-molds in plates for Steel Continuous Casting of different sections and dimensions with respective finishing mechanical working using computerised machines. The casting surfaces of the plates can be completely or partly covered by nickel or nickel alloys. The purpose of the covering is to implement the duration of the plate service and the quality of the product. The thickness of the covering can vary from 0,5 mm to 7 mm according to the requirement of the customer. We can also obtain nickel conical coverings. It is however usual, besides the nickel covering, a further chrome covering with different thickness.

Molds in plates
Molds in plates
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