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Ingot moulds chrome plating, chromium plating
CHROMIUM PLATING - Ingot, Moulds for continuous casting
Thanks to its fifty-year experience in galvanic covering, its forty-year experience in ingot moulds chrome plating for continuous steel coating, its up-to-date production plants, a strict quality control, Benoni s.r.l. is in a position to grant the development and the improvement of the coverings, constantly according to the customer needs. The development and the performances of our casting systems have transformed the ingot moulds from a simple steel container into a main instrument to grant the highest quality. There is a straight connection between the steel quality and a suitable covering of the ingot mould, both in plates and tubular. At the moment the users are focusing their attention on the duration of the ingot moulds as a factor contributing to lower the product final price.
Ingot moulds chrome plating
Ingot moulds chrome plating
The first ingot moulds we covered were tubular with a hard-chrome deposit, workings that we are still making after forty years. The covering was afterwards applied on ingot moulds for blooms and slabs. Nowadays the deposit, with a thickness adapted to different needs, grants satisfactory results at all levels. The trend is now, for ingot moulds in plates, to use a first nickel deposit that allows a considerable thickness compatible with copper thermal expansion and a second chrome covering. Our chrome covering is now used on the casting wheels with excellent results
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